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Manas Sinha
Developer | Designer
Manas Sinha
Developer | Designer

By Manas | 2 April 2021 | 1 min read

Server | Cloud | Data center

More often than you realize, People use the term server glitch or server down, etc whenever they face a problem related to the web without actually knowing what the heck this server is, that they are talking about.
A server is just a computer PERIOD. It is nothing different than the computer you use in terms of definition though it might differ in terms of the task it performs and the amount of power it has. A server is a computer equipped with specific programs and or hardware that enables it to offer services to clients.
Types of servers in terms of the task they perform:
  • A file server is a server that contains files.
  • A web server is a server that serves web pages when u open a website.
  • Mail server moves and stores mail.
And many more…
The above picture was a picture of google’s server farm/data center. They are all computers stacked over one another. All these computers don’t require a monitor because the task they perform are specific and they are programmed to do that. The videos that u see on youtube while procrastinating might be stored in one of the servers like that.
So, the next time you say the server is down or there is a server glitch just know that there is a computer somewhere that is not working.


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