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Manas Sinha
Developer | Designer
Manas Sinha
Developer | Designer

By Manas | 18 May 2021 | 2 mins read


“The dark net is a world of power and freedom: of expression, of creativity, of information, of ideas. Power and freedom endow our creative and our destructive faculties. The dark net magnifies both, making it easier to explore every desire, to act on every dark impulse, to indulge every neurosis.”
― Jamie Bartlett
We live in an age when we are surrounded by technology and ads and tons of internet content. But even in this age there exist a part of the internet, a part of the society rather, that remains hidden from us called the hidden web. Hidden web is place filled with mysteries and exciting stuffs (dangerous things too) that sits under our nose but we can’t see it. Just like the station 9 ¾ in Harry Potter we need to know the doorway to reach this hidden world.


The internet is divided into three parts Surface web, Deep Web, and the Dark web.
  • Surface web: Also called the indexed web or the visible web is the section of the web we use on a normal basis. All the sites you visit, videos you watch, games you download everything is on the surface web. It’s not small, according to one source, as of June 14, 2015, Google’s index of the surface web contains about 14.5 billion pages.
  • Deep web: Also known as the hidden web is the part of the internet that cannot be reached using normal search engines like google or Bing. The surface web being vast still accounts for a small portion of the entire web, the majority of it is the deep web. Though it is not known how much content is exactly on the deep web it is estimated to be 500 times more than the surface web.
  • Dark web: Now this is where things get interesting. The Dark web is a portion of web, deeper and even more invisible web than the deep web. The dark web is encrypted and is useful if you want to remain anonymous while browsing the internet. This part of the internet is considered dangerous as most of the illegal stuff takes place here. You can find all sorts of weird things here weapons, hired hitman, drugs, credit card info, child pornography, and many graphic contents that you should probably be away from.


Search engines obtain their listings in two ways:
  • Authors may submit their own Web pages, or
  • The search engines “crawl” or”spider” documents by following one hypertext link to another.
According to Wikipedia, Bergman, in a paper on the deep web-published in The The Journal of Electronic Publishing mentioned that Jill Ellsworth used the term Invisible Web in 1994 to refer to websites that were not registered with any search engine. Bergman cited a January 1996 article by Frank Garcia:
“It would be a site that’s possibly reasonably designed, but they didn’t bother to register it with any of the search engines. So, no one can find them! You’re hidden. I call that the invisible Web.”


Mostly, the deep web content consists of pages and databases that are only meant for a certain group of people within an organization. Your work database might be found on this part of the web. In order to get access, you need to know the exact web address (URL). In some cases, you need a password as well.
Some of the information that is on the deep web are:
  • Medical records,
  • Fee-based content,
  • Membership websites,
  • Confidential corporate web pages,
  • Scientific records
  • Government Intel


The dark net was actually developed by the U.S. Military to exchange information anonymously.
The Onion routing was a Technique developed in the mid-1990s at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory which was further released to the public domain.Using this Onion routing one can navigate the dark web.


The deep web isn’t considered illegal or that dangerous either. The Dark web also isn’t considered illegal however one needs to be very cautious using it. Given the fact that many illegal activities happen here it is not wrong to say that you will be on the radar.
However, it is extremely difficult to track people who are using dark net as things are heavily encrypted.


To access the hidden web, you need a special kind of browser called Tor browser. Tor browser is the implementation of the onion routing protocol and can list all the content indexed or not. But before you jump in, ALWAYS, i repeat, ALWAYS follow these steps:
  • Cover your web cam and mic. Disconnect it if possible.
  • Install a good VPN.
  • Use a trusted antivirus.
  • Install Tor browser.
  • DO NOT download things from Deep web if you are not sure about the source. You will be hacked in an instant and you won’t even realize.


Dark web is used for several illegal activities so it is always associated with the ‘bad’. But darkness and light are the two faces of the same coin.
For citizens living in countries with violent or oppressive leaders, the dark Web offers a more secure way to communicate with like-minded individuals. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which are easy for determined authorities to monitor, the dark Web provides deeper cover and a degree of safety for those who would badmouth or plot to undermine politicians or corporate overlords.


The dark web seems for sure a land of mysteries, but the dark web is still a dangerous place to be. DO NOT use this article as a map to navigate the hidden web as this is just an educational blog.
Having said that, the hidden web packs a lot of potential if used with caution and patience with the knowledge of all the safety measures and risks.


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